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Where is Bhutan

Flag of Bhutan

Located in Southern Asia, Bhutan borders China and India. A former British colony, it is currently undergoing democratic reforms and is increasing its international relations.

Bhutan translates as "The Land of the Thunder Dragon" as most of the territory is in the Himalayan Mountains. Harsh winters dominate the land but its central position gives it control of key mountain passes.

Bhutan's flora and fauna impress with diversity and quantity. Marked as the Himalayas' hot stop, the country is home to 670 bird species, 300 medical plants, Bengal tigers, the gorals, red pandas and the langurs. Consequently, bird watching and the favorite local pastime of trekking attract millions of visitors.

Most people come to the Gasa Springs, as Bhutanese hot spring therapy treats arthritis, body aches and sinuses. Meditation, retreat and traditional medicines are other stress-relieving options.

The mountainous country of Bhutan requires visitors to acclimate to high altitudes, and travelers should consult with their physician regarding their individual health risks associated with altitude sickness.

Traditions and culture play an important role in all aspects of the Bhutanese lives. Childbirth is joyously celebrated as the mother accepts gifts yet keeps away from strangers. Marriage once took place between cousins but now youths choose their spouses. Funerals are elaborate rituals with heartfelt ceremonies that mark the rebirth of the deceased. All villages hold festivals called Tshechu, the celebration of Buddhism in Bhutan.

Conservative clothing is worn at all religious shrines and shoes are removed inside temples. Bhutanese revere their monarchy and visitors are expected to be respectful of the King and the Royal Family. The polite and respectful traveler will thoroughly enjoy this mountainous land.

Quick Info:

Capital: Thimphu

Language(s): Dzongkha

Religion(s): Vajrayana Buddhism

Currency: Ngultrum2 (BTN)

Electricity Voltage: 220V

Calling Code: 975

Popular Travel Destinations:

  • Thimpu Valley
  • Wangdiphodrang
  • Bumthang Valley

Official Website: www.tourism.gov.bt/

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