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Travel to Bulgaria

Flag of Bulgaria

Although travel to Bulgaria might not be the first vacation idea most would consider, Bulgaria is a beautiful nation with a lot to offer any prospective visitor. Like many countries in the region, it began as in antonymous country (which, in Bulgaria's case, grew into an empire) which was taken over by the Ottomans. A Communist uprising led to a Soviet-style planned economy, an experimental take on governance which-unlike the U.S.S.R.-brought prosperity to Bulgaria. As a result, many of the country's folk heroes are revolutionaries and artists. In modernity, Bulgaria has free elections and provides office for a president, although the country's policies are still largely communist.

Bulgaria attracts visitors during the winter months because of its excellent skiing and snow-sports; there are several mountain ranges in Bulgaria, including the Stara Planina, Rhodope, and Rila ranges. Summers in Bulgaria are equally tempting: although the country borders Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, and Romania, the nation's eastern border is occupied by the Black Sea, which provides excellent beaches. The Black Sea is a unique body of water in that, when water levels are low enough that it no longer connects to the Mediterranean, it is technically a lake. Whether lake or sea, the waters are relatively warm and tranquil.

The destination spot in Bulgaria is the capital, Sofia. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with ancient buildings alongside modern parks and museums. While there, try some of Bulgaria's famous wine, and expect to eat salad with every meal.

Although organized crime does not usually affect travelers, keep in mind that car theft and credit card fraud are highly prevalent in Bulgaria.

Quick Info:

Capital: Sofia

Language(s): Bulgarian

Religion(s): Chriatianity

Currency: Lev (BGN)

Electricity Voltage: 110~120V

Calling Code: 359

Popular Travel Destinations:

  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • The Stoyan Bachvarov Theatre
  • The Bulgarian Belogradchik Rocks

Official Website: www.bulgariatravel.org/

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