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Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Flag of Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre and Miquelon are a group of several islands just south of the Canadian territory of Newfoundland. For such a small strip of land, the islands have a long and storied history connected to their parent country of France. Fort starters, they were one of the first French imperial territories, which were subsequently abandoned after the Treaty of Utrecht in 1763 (which ended the War of Spanish Succession), then repopulated following the Seven Years War. Acadian refugees in Nova Scotia once used the islands as an escape from persecution, and the only recorded usage of the guillotine in North America occurred in 1889 on Saint-Pierre.

Yet with all this history, these islands are not terribly significant in the grand scheme. They are so small that most people go from place to place on foot, and most streets bear no official name.

These islands hold three real claims to fame. The first is their fishing industry, which operates in some of the richest seas in the Atlantic. Travelers looking for some exceptional cod could do no better than Saint-Pierre's catch of the day. The second is ice hockey, which is the most popular sport on the islands. Several players from the islands have, in the past, been drafted to national and Olympic teams. Lastly, the dialect of French spoken on the islands most closely resembles Parisian French, which the islanders take great pride in. Visitors seeking to brush up on this romantic language should visit the FrancoForum, a three-month immersion program. While it might help you learn a "bon mot" in place of your normal "je ne sais pas", stereotypical appreciation of escargot and frog legs is not guaranteed.

Quick Info:

Capital: Saint-Pierre

Language(s): French

Religion(s): Christianity

Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)

Electricity Voltage: 220V

Calling Code: +508

Popular Travel Destinations:

  • Pointe aux Canons Battery
  • The War Memorial
  • Sainte-Pierre Cathedral

Official Website: www.st-pierre-et-miquelon.com/

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