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Nicaragua Travel Guide

Flag of Nicaragua

Being the largest country in Central America, a Nicaragua travel guide is imperative. Nicaragua is a substantially impoverished country (barely better off than Haiti), but because of its natural assets, tourism has been steadily climbing in recent years. These things in tandem make for an extraordinarily friendly exchange rate and plenty of visitor-specific amenities.

Eco-tourism in particular, has been booming in Nicaragua. The rainforests and volcanoes breed unusual plant and animal life which can be taken in by experienced hikers. The diverse wildlife practically seeks out those looking to observe it, and sea turtles are not uncommon to see on the beaches. Additionally, Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America, is home to the Bull Shark, one of the very few species of freshwater shark. Swimming near them is not recommended though, as the Bull Shark is known for its erratic and aggressive behavior.

Nicaraguan surfing is considered world-class, especially near San Juan Del Sur. These free-spirited surf villages also host frequent festivals, with singing, dancing, and locally-brewed spirits (rum in particular). Because of the exchange rate, sustenance in Nicaragua is shockingly cheap to most travelers. Sleeping arrangements are undercosted but modest, and a full meal rarely runs more than $3. Food is often found in street-side buffets called fritangas, where much of the fare is deep-fried and, like American buffets, of varying quality. It should be noted that visitors with weak stomachs should avoid these fritangas, as the water of Nicaragua is better than most Central American nations, but still not always potable. As well, Nicaragua has increased its police presence in recent years, but it is still best not to travel alone at night or display foreign currency in more rural areas.

Quick Info:

Capital: Managua

Language(s): Spanish

Religion(s): Christianity

Currency: Córdoba (NIO)

Electricity Voltage: 110V

Calling Code: 505

Popular Travel Destinations:

  • San Juan del Sur
  • Granada
  • Ometepe Island

Official Website: www.gotonicaragua.com

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