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Gabon Travel

Flag of Gabon

Planning to do some Gabon travel? This small country on the coast of West Africa has a land mass of approximately 103,000 square miles and is home to more than 1.5 million people.

Although the majority of the country is covered by forest, there are several populated cities throughout Gabon, including the capital city of Libreville that is home to just over 661,000 people. Due to the country’s terrain, Libreville is the main tourist destination of the country.

Though small, the city is always brimming with activity and has a range of attractions that nearly everyone can enjoy, including the Museum of Arts and Traditions, which displays ancient Gabonian artifacts and national treasures. Another attraction is the Marche du Mont-Bouet, the city’s most famous market.

The Libreville beach Ekwata, popular with European visitors, is the perfect place to relax. Another Libreville beach, Pointe-Denis Beach is famouse for offering boating, swimming and camping.

Any visit from July to September will offer opportunities to enjoy the annual whale season, while November to January is when sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

Although there is a very low threat of terrorist activity in this region, there are occasional bouts of civil unrest. For this reason, travelers to Gabon are advised to avoid political demonstrations, rallies and protests where violence may occur. Petty theft is common throughout this area, so you should travel only during daylight hours and never with valuables or large amounts of money.

Quick Info:

Capital: Libreville

Language(s): French,Fang, Myene

Religion(s): Christianity, Islam

Currency: Central African CFA franc

Electricity Voltage: 220V

Calling Code: 241

Popular Travel Destinations:

  • Loango National Park
  • Musee des Arts et Traditions du Gabon (Museum of Art and Culture)
  • Palais Presidentiel

Official Website: http://www.legabon.org/

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*Note* - Some of the graphics on this page were taken from the CIA World Factbook which contains a wealth of information on every country in the world. I highly recommend it.

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