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Facts About Mexico

Flag of Mexico

Going to Mexico is a lot like going to the United States. Both are so big that the climate, culture, and activities vary wildly depending on where you are. Because of this, it's important to have some facts about Mexico when visiting.

The majority of travelers populate the Yucatan peninsula, an outcropping of land off the southern tip of Mexico. This region has the most amenities, as well as some of the best beaches, with the most popular locale being Cancun. Second to this is the country's Pacific coast, where the idyllic cities of Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta can easily romance a traveler into a full-blown expatriate. Those seeking a little more hustle and bustle might opt to visit the capital, Mexico City. The third largest in the world, Mexico City is extraordinarily diverse and cosmopolitan, and there is no shortage of attractions. Nearly one third of Mexico's total economy is amassed here, and as such, it is generally quite safe (although the Western parts of the city are wealthier and therefore safer). With many pieces of stunning architecture side by side with ancient ruins, a devoted shutterbug will quickly reveal themselves as a non-native, probably to the amusement of locals.

North of this region is the Bajio, a once-lucrative base of operations of Mexicans silver miners. The mines have since been stripped of their resources, but it survives as a historical region because of its erstwhile significance and highly-preserved structures.

Any area further North than Bajio is largely desert. This portion of Mexico is not heavily populated, excepting the border towns along the boundary line to the United States. While these rugged towns are only really ideal for clandestine purchases of prescription medications and narcotics, Mexican drug cartels have a strong presence in the region, and travel is not recommended.

Quick Info:

Capital: Mexico City

Language(s): Spanish

Religion(s): Roman Catholicism

Currency: Peso (MXN)

Electricity Voltage: 127V

Calling Code: +52

Popular Travel Destinations:

  • Acapulco
  • Guanajuato
  • Dias des los Muertos, Oaxaca

Official Website: http://www.visitmexico.com/wb/Visitmexico/Visi_Home?show=regions

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*Note* - Some of the graphics on this page were taken from the CIA World Factbook which contains a wealth of information on every country in the world. I highly recommend it.

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