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Algeria Travel

Flag of Algeria

Located on the north end of Africa, Algeria is definitely off the beaten path for most travelers, but it shouldn't be overlooked. Tourism makes up a very small part of the country's economy and that's reflected in a lack of hostels. I have yet to read about anyone who has had a problem finding a place to stay though.

The government of Algeria has recognized there is a lack of tourism and has recently put programs into place to encourage visitors. It remains to be seen if this will be successful, but it seems the number of tourists has increased over the last few years.

Without trying to sound alarmist, there was some violence in early 2011 due to politics and travelers should do some research for their own safety. Every... single... trip report that I've read has said nothing but good things about the people in Algeria. Many mention their kindness and generosity. Don't get all freaked out by the political issues. Do some reading so you know what to expect, but don't let fear ruin the experience.

Quick Info:

Capital: Algiers

Language(s): Arabic, French, Berber

Religion: Islam

Currency: Algerian Dinar (DZD)

Electricity Voltage: 230V

Calling Code: 213

Popular Travel Destinations:

  • Beni Hammad Fort
  • Belzma National Park
  • Cirta

Tourism Website: http://www.algeria.com/

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*Note* - Some of the graphics on this page were taken from the CIA World Factbook which contains a wealth of information on every country in the world. I highly recommend it.

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